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Welcome to Twin City Shelves

We transform your existing cabinets with Pull-Out Shelves

You too can experience the dramatic improvement and convenience of Pull-Out Shelves. It's a very simple process for you. We come to your home, measure your cabinets, custom build, and install the finest quality sliding shelves available.

We are a locally owned family business serving the Minnesota Twin Cities Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, and authorized dealer of:


Why Install Pull-Out Shelves?

Pull-Out Shelves will make your daily routine much easier

Like you, many homeowners have considered having sliding shelves installed and believe they would be a nice convenience, but it’s way more than a convenience.

It's not until after your shelves are installed and in use, that you will realize the truly amazing impact they have on daily life.

This Will Be Your All-Time Favorite Home Improvement!

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What We Do

Your cabinets and storage needs are unique. We don’t construct “standard size” or “one size fits some”. We consult with you and customize a sliding shelf solution based on your specific needs and the specifications of your cabinets.

Whether it's your pantry, kitchen, bath or workshop we will find what best suits you.


Your shelves are hand-made and feature 9-ply Baltic birch wood, dovetail construction, 100lb full extension slides and lifetime warranty.

Another unique feature of our lower cabinet installation is a patented bracket system. This cabinet kit is designed so that all the weight of the top and bottom shelves is on the base of the cabinet.


Excited? Well in about three weeks, the wait is over and your sliding shelves will be ready for installation. The installation is non-obtrusive and we will be out of your way in no time.

All we ask is that for one last time you clear out your old fixed shelf cabinets, and discover all the things you forgot you had hidden back in those inaccessible places.

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